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Hey guys,

I've been a Bencher for a while but have never really told about my interesting (and amazing) medical history.

During the month of April 2005, high school graduation was nearing. One night, I began having terrible (to the point of vomit-inducing) headaches at night. A trip to my local hospital did no good, as they said the problem was "migraines" and gave me medication that didn't help. At my mother's request, my optometrist finally scheduled an appointment with a local neurologist. Meanwhile, the headaches continued, and my appointment was bumped up.

The neurologist thought the problem was only migraines, but decided to run an MRI to be certain. The MRI actually revealed a brain tumor - one nearly the size of a man's fist! It wasn't "in" my brain, but rather on the outer membrane. However, it was so large that it was pushing the left hemisphere of my brain into the right side of my skull. Doctors said that the tumor had probably been growing for 7-10 years. It was also laying on my optic nerve, possibly explaining my poor vision and why I wear glasses.

On June 15, 2005, the tumor was removed at Vanderbilt University Hospital. We later found out that the tumor was benign, thank God. I had to miss a year between high school and college, but that wasn't a problem for me. After all, I was alive!

The next couple of follow-up MRIs showed a normal brain. However, my MRI in March 2008 showed a small tumor around the size of a pea. My neurosurgeon told me that it was nothing to worry about, but he wanted to keep an eye on it. He said that it was possible that this tumor could have been a "remnant" from the original that was missed.

Today, I went for another check-up MRI. Thank the Lord, the tumor showed no growth! My doctor called it "stable" and reiterated once again that it was currently nothing to worry about. I'm due for another check-up in six months - I'm hoping and praying for a good outcome then too. I'm very thankful that everything went alright today. I had many people praying for me, and I really appreciate their prayers.


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Hope all turns out to be alright! Sorry to hear about the 'fist' but great to hear you're in positive spirits! Aloha, Brad


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That's really great to hear. I hope it continues to remain stable. Both my sister and my mother have had brain tumors so the topic's near and dear to me.

God Bless...


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Thank you to each of you who replied!

Loyalty32 - for me it's more "Go Toppers!" but I'm a Wildcats basketball fan also.


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Truly amazing. We're fortunate to have you here. Your story is a true inspiration and a reminder that symptoms like headaches tend to be ignored but must be taken seriously if they persist.