Final Reminder (and new additions to grand prize!) Football Collector Contest


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10 FULL days left to enter and COMPLETE trades for football cards. Remember, the trades need to be in 'complete' status in the trade manager (both sides having marked received and processed as a bench point by the end of the day, November 10th.

A few more additions to the grand prize:
Matt Stafford - 2010 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor /555
Jacoby Ford - 2010 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor /555
Clinton Portis - 2009 Topps Unique Jersey

Also remember, there are 100 unopened Panini Adrenalyn packs in the pool as well. The entire up-to-date prize pool can be found at the original contest thread below.

All the details and entry is found here:

The final grand prize will be awarded on site news...keep your eyes peeled!