Finally !! its all over its all over


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This past Thursday i got a phone call from a friend of mine saying a buddy of his who is the director of security at the local refinery here in town..was looking for someone to immediately fill a spot that has opened up..since i have past expierence working security my friend dropped my name..that day i emailed him my resume..that same day got a call asking me if i wanted to come in for an interview..of course i said yes-On Friday i sit down for the interview and the first thing he says is "I am really impressed with this resume..As far as i am concerned the job is yours..but before i can officially offer it to you-A back ground check needs to be done and some paperwork needs to be filled out" for the next hour or so he goes over the job duties and what is expected of me..He says I will call you on Monday to let you know if everything is ok-Now its Monday so all day i've been besides myself waiting for this call-I decide to go out and not sit around the house all day..i get home and there is a message--"Hey Dave..its Andy from US Securities i just wanted to let you know you got the me back when you can" called back but it was to late-This job has come out of nowhere i put in resumes after resumes and nothing and out of the blue this comes about 40 hours a week $10 per hour around here thats a lot..there is pay increases every 6 weeks until it freezes at $15 per hour...have to undergo a training period for 6 weeks which is fine with me-Last week i suspended all trading and put my entire collection up for i don't need to do that anymore..i am going to still not going to be trading until i get my life caught up..have more important things to take care official start date is Wednesday 4/28 a day i thought would never come...i'll still be lurking around the boards though.


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You must've helped some little old lady cross the street at some point and this is the result of good karma.

Great to hear of someone going back to work.

Trader Rich

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I am very happy for you David. :) I have been where you and
I know it is no fun. Especially if you have a family.
Congratulations on your new job.



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i dont really know you. but im glad eveythang is going good. the baseball card gods are lookng after you. take care my friend