Finished Collecting.. Looking to get rid of supplies


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Hey guys,
Some of you may remember me, some may not but I recently sold my baseball card collection on Ebay and now I have many penny sleeves, toploaders, and 9 card sheets that I will ship to the first person who will pay for the shipping. There are approx the following:

320 Collector Safe Polypropylene Card Sleeves (penny sleeves) < --all brand new

25 Toploaders, (some have tape some are clean some have writing)

8 Hinge plastic card holders (these are used and are the holders that hold like 10-15 cards. there is one large one that holds probably 30 cards)

7 Large Hard plastic screw down single card holders... I used these for my nicer cards back before I sold the rest.

20-25 Plastic sheets that hold 9 cards for binders. Ultra Pro brand.

150 unused team bags that hold 30 or so cards

If you are interested you must email me at as I will not be able to check this post. I will only accept Paypal sorry.

The package weighs 4 lbs. 2 oz. and I am asking for $10.00 Paypal to ship this. Let me know if you are interested at

Thanks and Happy New Year!