First one in quite a while...and it's DOUBLE the fun!

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Since I'm back at home for a few months, I started sending out some requests in a frenzy (and it'll probably keep going through the end of July too :D ). The first of them came back today, though.

Joel Skinner
c/o Akron Aeros

The success marks my first ever dual auto though - I had a 1985 Topps father/son card previously signed by Bob Skinner. :D

Anyways, Joel signed 4/4 (thought I told him to keep a few) - 85 Topps, 87 Topps, 90 Donruss, 91 Score - in black ink. Time of travel - 15 days.

The 87 Topps and the 1990 Donruss are for trade if anyone needs them - the Topps in a Yanks uniform, the Donruss in an Indians uni.


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Did he sign a picture of him holding Kenny at third in Game 7? I'll never forgive him for that. Congrats on the success, though! (I think...) :p