FIVE 1/1 Hits! Contest 10 Pick the Player who's Auto I Pull

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Oct 8, 2007
Ramona, CA
Great Box of 2022 Leaf Metal Draft Jumbo, with 5 1/1 hits! Here's what I pulled.
FT-ET1 Ezequiel Tovar Flight 2023 Press Plate Cyan 1/1 Rockies in Majors
BA-BL1 Brooks Lee Zebra Pre-Production 1/1 Twins 1st Rd 8th overall
BA-RS1 Robby Snelling Orange Prismatic Pre-Production 1/1 Padres 1st Rd 39th overall
FT-CH1 Cooper Hjerpe Zebra Mojo 1/1 Cardinals 22nd overall
T-AB1 Alec Burleson Crystal Green Encased Preproduction 1/1 Cardinals 2nd Round
BA-RS1 Robby Snelling Snake Skin 3/3 Padres 1st Rd 39th overall
Th-JC1 Jackson Chourio Mojo Black 1/4 Brewers IFA
BA-RS2 Royber Salinas Prismatic Pink 1/5 Athletics IFA
DA-16 Oneil Cruz/Termarr Johnson Prismatic Purple 7/7 Pirates IFA/4th overall
BA-BW1 Brandon Walter Prismatic Silver 3/8 Red Sox 26th Round.
2022 Leaf Metal 1of1s.1.jpg

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What better to start Contest 10, than with a jumbo box of 2022 Leaf Metal Draft, which contains TEN autographs or more. The set contains lot of dual and triple autographed cards!

Simple Contest...
Breaking 2022 Leaf Metal Box
Each box contains 10 autographs of which there 3 pre-production 1/1 autographed proof. ALL cards are numbered to 10 or less.
So, just guess the name of one of the players that I pull and win one of the card choices below, not one the Leaf Metal Draft cards.

Bidding on my breaks, helps make these contest possible!

2022 Leaf Metal Baseball Cards Check list

2022 Leaf Metal Baseball checklist, set details, boxes for sale, release date, reviews. Hobby box has 6 autographs & Jumbo box has 10 autos.
2022 Leaf Metal Draft Checklist

One pick per person! Multiple winners available depending on correct choices. Card will be mailed in a PWE.

Contest activates when one of my current breaks hit the target price!
Current break are:
3 Hobby boxes Panini USA Baseball plus one mystery blaster.
1 Hobby Box 2021 Prizm Draft Baseball only $9 a spot.
3 Blasters 2023 Bowman Blasters plus 1 Mystery Blaster.

Hope you guys enjoy this little contest...if it goes well and no one wins; You'll get a chance in the next box.
Lots of players, be nice to have some help on the breaks.
Pick the Player 10
Adael Amador - LarryG
Anthony Volpe - ricky_mn
Bret Baty - crazedfan
Cam Collier - rubypup
Cristian Santana - mm1sub
Corbin Carroll - DaSoxFan
Drew Gilbert - bfd13
Dwight Gooder - RuSu42
ezequiel duran - sportsmans
Jace Jung - anglinomics
Jackson Holliday - LeonofNJ
Jasspm Dominguez - peaceandlove
Jesus Baez - cletus_83
Jett Williams - NateisMe123
Kyle Harrison - Tiggerfan
Omar Vizguel - hooters517
Rachel Balkovec - erdoro
Zack Neto - Waltdii
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I would like to throw a name in ! BA-RB1 Rachel Balkovec"
thanks for this