Flat rate box filled with 90s-2000s - TRADED


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I am dwindling dow my last big purchase, but I need to make some room for my son moving back in, so I am putting all the stuff I haven’t gone though into one box and shipping it off to someone.

Kind of sad about it, as I saved all the binders that said inserts on them for last, but I haven’t been able to go through them yet. All I did was pull everything out of the binders and put them into the box.

This does include a few hundred Todd Helton inserts/base and about 200-250 Larry Walker cards. This guy was a big fan of both of them.

Probably about 1500 or so cards maybe more maybe less

I am willing to trade or sell, it’s really just because I needed to clear off an area for my sons desk and these didn’t make the cut.

I am pretty open to what I would trade for, but shipping is $15 alone, so I would need more than that.

If selling, I will sell it for $22 delivered. The most important thing is I just need it gone ASAP. Really that just covers shipping cost and maybe a whole $5 to me.

Any questions, ask, but I’m not going to go through this card by card, if I had time to do that before I needed the space I would have done that and not sell/trade it.

I grabbed a couple cards from the box to try and show this is not just common low end sets that were in these binders:

I can try and get more if people want a better idea, but they will be completely random cards from random boxes in the flat rate box.

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