For all of my Bench buddies... some info


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We had to evacuate our home Wednesday night due to a wildfire. I was able to get back there this morning and everything is still OK, but the fires are creeping closer. Cal Fire and our local department are working on holding it back, and so far they’ve done one hell of a job. I can only hope things stay in their favor and they can save our little town.

On th plus side, I was able to get most of my high-value sets and cards out (it’s why I went back today, actually) so I feel a little better about that. If I lose those boxes of ‘92 Leaf and ‘93 Topps commons, I won’t be TOO upset. Had I lost the Ripken collection... that would have been another story completely. But the important thing is, family (including the dog) is safe, cards are safe, and I grabbed my Eagles jersies from the closet today (left the tux, though... what was I thinking?) If I have any trades working, I think I got them all out before things hit the fan - if I didn’t, PM me and I’ll look around to see if I still have them. Our mail is being held right now so I won’t be getting any incoming for a few days at least.

Stay safe and I hope to be back at full trading strength soon.


Good to hear you are safe and assuming you saved your completed 2000 Fleer Focus Masterpience Mania set with each card numbered to 300


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Again, thank you all for your well wishes. There is cause for optimism as weather conditions have been favorable and fire crews are making good progress. Still no timeline on when we may be able to return to our homes.

I’m hoping that t.rooster’s home has been spared, as his residence was in an area much harder hit. The fire got within one mile of our home, but Tony’s area was hit much harder. Hoping for the best for him.

I’ve changed my address in the Trade Manager to our current location, in case I’m able to do some trading. Please use the San Jose address for the time being.

And yes, Carl... the Mania set went out with me in the first load along with the player collections and better sets. Wasn’t going to lose that one after it took 10 years to complete it!

Best to all,
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David K.

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Glad to hear u and family are safe! I'm cutting back on my purchases and increasing donations to the red cross for the fires in CA. People are more important then pieces of paper! Best regards, David


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As beautiful as California is, there's something to be said for living in the Midwest. Except for the occasional tornado, things are usually pretty calm. I'm glad you and your family are safe. Heres hoping it rains. Aaron


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It's like a movie w/o an ending. Did everything work out for you? Have not been following the news at all, since my wife decided that she needs CNN on at every waking hour of the day. I avoid news like it's Covid-laced now.