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FS/FT parts of Mariners collection (lots of scans) New cards added 4/2/13


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Set needs below, going really agressive on my 1990 leaf set right now.
or will sell, lmk what you like, I'm easy to trade with.

Wells $3

Anthony Vazques Pro Deubt $2
Brian Turang $2

Sanders USA $1
Sinatro $2

Simpson $2
Relaford $1
Reitsma $1

Ramsay $2
H. Ramirez $2
E. Ramirez $2
Rohrmeier $2
J. Cabrera $3

Cotto $2
Bonnell $2
Batista $2

Jason Davis $3
Delabar $2
Tim Davis 0% signer $5
Cortes 12/25 $3
Russ Davis cert. $1
Ben Davis $2

Dobbs $2
Felder $2
DeLucia 0% $3
Capps $2
Jesus Colome cert $1
Domingo Cedeno cert $1

Campillo cert $1
Cedeno /1000 $2
Fassero $2
Felder $2
Colbrunn $2
Cloude $1

Cruceta cert /500 $1
Bocachica $3
Cust $1
Barton $1
Brumley $1
Bard $1

Burba $1
Best $1
Beard $2
Bell $1
Blackley $1

Benes $1
Cameron $1
Cairo $3
Campbell $2
Converse $2
Coles $3

Cummings $1
Chavez $4
Colborn $4
Boone $3
Charlton $1
Davey $1

Fruto $1
Gardiner $2
Frubush $1
Chick $1
Clement $2
Cirillo $1

Fleming $1
Fister $3
Darwin $0.50
Corcoran $2
Cordero $1
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Curt, nice to see you back on the board, I'm not ready to part with the nice Roberts 81 Topps just yet. :)
I had these on ebay and they did not sell for $1 each, had they the total would have been $7.75 after shipping.
Since I know you and I won't have to pay any fees, I can deliver them all for $6.50 or take what you want for $1.25 each $2 shipping.


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@Curt, I saw that you won the Glasso and Fuentes on ebay, did you want to wait 'till my other stuff ends on Sunday before I invoice you?

@tonyt1957 I can put in a PWE for $2.50 paypal.


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That works. Actually I finally tracked down the Roberts. it was the Donruss, by the way. Just landed a 2nd copy of it as well, so as much as i love that card (it's a good one foe the action photo thread even), I no longer NEED it. I would chase other copies if the price were right though.

You probably have a couple dozen I would want, but not need. I have a bad habit of hording at times and don't mind doubles of cool cards. However, if I don't have a single copy, I'd consider it a "NEED". Probably the one NEED that stands out from checking out your site is the 77 Joe Lis. I have his auto several times, but I keep losing that 77 card when it pops up on ebay.


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The Fuentes is gone, otherwise
Miguel Cairo $2
jolbert Cabrera $2.50
Charlie farsbugh $1
Ronny cedeno $1
Shipping is $2
or take it all for $8 dlvd
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