WTS FS Huge 5000+ RC lot


5.00 star(s)
Was in serious talks with someone on a FB group about this lot. I pulled all the cards, got them packaged up and we agreed on a price....then they went silent. I'm tired of them sitting on my desk, so offering it up to someone on other avenues. Filled up a 5k box with 500+ left over. Calling it 5k+ but closer to 5500. Lot consists of 1st bowman, rc logo, tristar pro debut logo. Majority from about 2000-2016. All baseball. No big names, lower end. Biggest names top out at the Johnny Cueto type of player. I remember seeing a few of his in there while pulling. Minor duplication. No egregious amounts of any one player.

Asking $400 + shipping. .08/card. They are packaged up in 1 large flate rate box and 1 medium flat rate box. I could get around 2/3 in a large flat rate box with dividers and double-walling the box and bubble wrap (seen in pics). The rest are in 4 single row boxes in a medium flat rate box (also pictured). Shipping comes out to $36 but I don't feel like it's fair to put all that on me, or the buyer, so going halves on shipping....unless you want to pay it all :) Total for the lot shipped to you would be $418. Offers considered!

rc 1.jpgrc 2.jpgrc 3.jpgrc 4.jpg
rc 5.jpgrc 6.jpgrc 8.jpgrc 9.jpg
rc 10.jpgrc 11.jpg