FT: New Stuff - Update, Platinum, other


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Below is listed some newer stuff FT. I am looking for Red Sox of all sorts, but with a special emphasis on mini cards. Besides the below, I have plenty of stuff listed on my tradepage. Thanks!


2014 Topps Update-

Black: US-138 A.Cabrera #55/63 (WSH)
Gold: US-22,212,217,219,262,315
Red Hot Foil: US-8,64,132,154 Darvish,190 Altuve,232,255,258,269
Die-Cut Minis: AR,BH Harper,CD,RB,TT
Photo Variation: US-241 Choice (TEX)
Sabermetrics Variation: US-135 Odorizzi (TB)
World Series MVP Commemorative: WSP-SK Koufax (LAD)
Autographs: TA-RE Elias (SEA)
World Series Champions Rings: WSR-SM Musial (STL)
All-Star Stitches GU: ASR-KSE Seager (SEA)

2014 Bowman Platinum-
Blue: 40 Harper
Die-Cut: DS Smith
Purple Chrome: BPCP49 Blackburn,BPCP57 DeShields,BPCP90 Almora

Other Baseball-
2014 Topps Opening Day Between Innings BI-6 Racing Sausages (MIL) (1 per box)
2014 Donruss Bat Kings 15 H. Ramirez GU (LAD)
2013 Prizm Perennial Draft Picks 32 Jose Abreu
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects Autographs BCP113 Kyle Weiland AU (BOS)
1994 Signature Rookies Autographs 61 AJ Pierzynski AU #1236/7750


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Is the Almora the only Cubs card there? Or maybe Blackburn, as well? I'm re-organizing, and can have a decent list of Red Sox by Tuesday, including some minis.

The black /63 is intriguing, but I don't think I'll be the one to get it.