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FT/WTTF: Topps x Derek Jeter - UPDATED 01/11/2020


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Bought a couple of boxes, and because of bad math on my part (and the luck of collation in general), I need 15 cards to complete the set:

Championship Reflections
2 Derek Jeter​
3 David Oritz​
6 Johnny Bench​

Championship Performances
17 Whitey Ford​
19 Tino Martinez​
22 Derek Jeter​
23 Hideki Matsui​
26 Derek Jeter​

Great Teammates
29 Jorge Posada​
33 Roger Clemens​
37 Ichiro​
39 Alfonso Soriano​

These are the base doubles I have to trade - let's do 1 to 1 swaps. Please note: I'm only trading these for the cards I need above for the time being.

Championship Performances

20 Bernie Williams​
21 Mariano Rivera​

Great Teammates
32 Tim Raines​
35 David Cone​
36 Hideki Matsui​

Bronx Beloved
40 Babe Ruth​
42 Whitey Ford​
43 Phil Rizzuto​
47 Dave Winfield (x2)​
And FINALLY, I have these parallels that I want to trade for the same in Don Mattinglys:
12A Brooks Robinson [Red Autograph 1/10]​
44 Roger Maris [Blue 12/25] (specifically for the 23/25 Blue Mattingly)​
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5.00 star(s)
I have zero High Heritage - only way that happens is if I get lucky and someone leaves some at the store. If you want to throw one in, that is great!