Funny Money


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Ok , this morning I read a story off my home page about counterfeit currency .
These topics pop up from time to time and never really paid much attention ......... but today I did .
It got me wondering about the cash transactions I make and how the businesses check my cash before
they accept it and how I do not check the money I get back.
Most times (but not always) they check anything from a $10 or higher with the pen .
The bill is good and now it's time for my change .
If I pay with a $20 , $50 or a $100 and my purchase is small enough that I get back a $10 , $20(s) and/or a $50
how do I know they're good bills ?
Well today I've started thinking about that very thing and here's what I've done so far .
Went out for breakfast and after placing my order walked up to the cashier and asked her if anyone has ever asked
her to check the bills ($10 or higher) before they accepted it/them back (their change) from her ?
She looked at me a little funny and then replied " No , that's never happened to me" .
Thanked her for answering my question and went back to my seat .
When it came time to pay , 2 others were in front of me ..... I watched each pay they're bill ( 2 $20's) .
None of those $20's were checked (maybe cause she was busy) and they went into the cash register .
Considering our conversation , I thought this was a little questionable on her part .... but I didn't say anything .
My bill was paid with a $10 , but it wasn't checked either.
Driving back home , I decided to stop at my bank and ask a few questions .
The women I spoke to confirmed that they're going to check (one way or another) any big bills I might give them .
I then asked about the money they would be giving me back ........ have these bills been checked before the bank passes them out
or put into the ATM ? Her response was that any monies coming from the armored car people has been checked by those folks and any in house money (deposits , etc.) has been checked in house (again , one way or another) . So , any money you get from your bank should be good .
As for the money you get back for places where you shop or dine ............. She said , you certainly have the right to ask them to "pen check"
it before accepting it . She also said that anyone can purchase those pens from any office supply store , so you can arm yourself if you wish .
I'm going to start asking cashiers to do this with any bills I get back $10 or larger ......... so if some "Old Fart" is ahead of you and holding up
the line ............... it just might be me :D ,


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you know ken I have wondered about that at times many times when i pay with t a20.00 dollar bill or higher the place where i do this at checks the bills but never questioned the money you get back Might be worth buying one of those pens ? thanks for the info

David K.

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Thanks for the information. Maybe we should all buy this pen.....I have seen some many people at McDonald's buying $9.00 worth of food and then giving the tell a 100 bill...Did not think about the change I get from them! Best regards, David


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I know this is not directly related to the topic, but whenever I cash a check I always ask for twenties. This way if any are counterfeit I am only out $20 instead of $50 or $100.

However after hearing about the availability of purchasing the pen, I am definitely going to buy one.


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I cashiered at a place for a number of years and ran across some counterfeit bills from time to time and trust me, if you handle cash at all, you will spot them in an instant. Mainly because of how they feel to the touch compared to a real bill. You can also use the old tried and true method of holding the bill up to the light as all $10,$20,$50, and $100 bills have the security strips in them. New bills also have the watermark when held to the light that have the face of whoever is on the bill.