Game 1 ...... 1968 World Series


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I was 9 years old and remember the bus driver listening to this game on the ride home from school. I was a Tiger fan because my mom was from Detroit and remember how hopeless things looked for the Tigers when Gibson dominated them like he did that day............17 SOs if I remember correctly. I also got to go to A Tiger game that Summer when we visited Michigan and was so disappointed when we missed Denny McClain by one day and had to settle for some guy named Mickey Lolich instead. Little did we know at the time...........

At the time the major consolation prize was getting to see my favorite player Willie Horton hit a HR in that game we went to!!

My Uncle also mailed me the complete Detroit Free Press that was printed after the Tigers won that World Series. I bet I read that thing 100 times until it fell apart from so much handling. He also sent me a "Sock It To 'Em Tigers" bumper sticker which was their slogan that year. I wish I had that still.

I just realized I remember MUCH more about MLB from when I was 9 years old then what I know about the present day game. The young fans are not the only ones who MLB has lost over the years. A couple of hosts on ESPN radio have been talking about that very thing (the loss of older fans and the lack of buzz about baseball) the past day or two. The funny thing is none of them can answer exactly why that is.

Thanks for the link to a great childhood memory!