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Gazebo Sports and Gifts
Airport Mall
1129 Union Street
Bangor, Maine 04401
ph: (207) 992-4071
cell: (207) 478-7297
Dan Parks


In The Beginning

Like many weekend warriors, we began setting up at collectibles shows in the 1990s and we joined the eBay community on January 6, 2000. In 2005, a handful of us got together and discussed the idea of pooling inventory and resources and opening a store a local mall. The rest is history.

Gazebo Sports and Gifts opened its doors in the Airport Mall on Union Street in Bangor in June of 2005. A combination of retail store and eBay presence, our shop attracted the attention in the local community, offering a wide variety of collectible items from gifts for all occasions, hobby collectibles, sports cards, clothing and more.

The Here and Now

Today, Gazebo Sports and Gifts a place to find a large selection of sports cards and collectibles in central-Maine. We don't purport to be the biggest and best of anything; however, we are proud to have weathered the challenging economic times and the changes in the hobby to remain one of the few brick and mortar LCS's in Maine. We'd like to thank our loyal customers for their continued patronage and would like to think that our friendliness, integrity and attention to customer service have played a role in our success.

Our Offerings

When you visit our eBay store, you will find a large selection of over 5,000 items consisting of singles for sports cards including rookies, inserts, autographs, game used memorabilia, games, clothing and much more. We offer FREE U.S. SHIPPING on sports card purchases over $5.00.

A Family Affair

The eBay arm of Gazebo Sports is truly a family endeavor: Dan (sports cards and memorabilia) and Raelene (clothing, books, gifts) organize, update and upload the inventory; Kalena (age 11) scans nearly every card you see in our store; Kaelyn (age 8) sorts player and team lots; Kiera (age 5) and Kylie (18mo) do the heavy looking on for now, but look to play roles soon enough.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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This is awesome! My dream is to own a card store. I'm glad it has worked out for you. I will be sure to visit. I live in Waterville.