General Opinion on Koufax/Drysdale Autographed Baseball

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Jan 4, 2004

I purchased this two weeks ago at the Marley Station Mall at the Store called "Legendary Ink".

Company that certified the ball is "L&P Collectibles, no certification of authenticity, just the sticker with the number 11907 on it".
Anyone ever heard of this company? I can't find it, and am beginning to get suspicious.
At the same time, I'm going to take the ball to JSA in westminster on the 17th for a certification anyway..
I just want to know if anyone has any ideas or thoughts about the company or autographs.
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The sticker could be from anywhere. I suppose JSA would be your best bet. I also believe PSA offers a quick opinion service where you can send them the images and they'll reply with their opinion.
It's a Giamatti ball (about 20 years old) too. It could be a very early authenticator that is since gone out of business or morphed into a new company.
Looks good to me. I would also guess that someone trying to forge it would have placed Koufax on the sweet spot.........

I'd say it looks good, from the scan, although Drysdale usually has a tighter/taller letter pattern.

That sticker is similar to one I have seen several ebay users using. It can probably be made to say any company name and it usually comes with two stickers, one for the item, the other for a certificate (with matching numbers). At least that is how I received some of them in the past. Basically this was probably a seller/company name, not an authenticator.
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Failed JSA...
LOR coming in 5-7 business days..
I will be taking this ball back to Marley Station "Legendary Ink" in Pasadena for my full refund including the $75 price for certification..

Be AWARE! That this company is selling frauds...
did both signatures fail?

Both Failed.

I still hold little faith in authenticators. The DD was iffy and maybe they are fake, but I wouldn't pay the money to have a "pro" give me their opinion.

Yeah, but when your paying that kind of money for a baseball.. It's better to get a 2nd hand authentication when it's just a stores COA.. That is iffy in the first place.
I really don't mind putting out the money when it comes to something high-end, that I'm not going to sell anyway.. Better to find out now, then years down the road.
I can appreciate that. I don't generally buy the high end auto'd stuff. I was lucky enough to get most of what I wanted years ago. If I buy stuff now, I stick with reputable dealers and older items usually. I would never buy a signed baseball, unless it was an older team ball. Mainly because I don't like the bulkiness of baseballs, and I prefer flats.
I'm assuming that the store you bought it from offers a money back guarantee should something they sell fail authentication?
I'm assuming that the store you bought it from offers a money back guarantee should something they sell fail authentication?

Not sure, but I sent them an email late last night.. and plan on calling them when they open tomorrow at ten am.
Supposedly, this ball passed psa/dna "quick look", "after talking to the owner" at Legendary Ink, and I will be taking the ball back to him.. so he can do it himself..
I honestly don't know what to think.. I'll just take it back when the LOR arrives.
Thanks for reminding me.. I have to call them.
It's gotten to a point where two companies say its real (off his word and some legal person), and two (JSA and PSA) are claiming its faked.
I'm going to call him now to see if something can get done now since I'm back home.
wow, very interesting story. I personally would lean toward trusting JSA and PSA, both relatively respected companies who see a lot of autographs. I personally think the Koufax looks a little hinky and the Drysdale is a maybe, Koufax looks like someone was taking the time to copy his signature rather than just signing it freely like someone actually would if it was real. Keep us updated, and good luck