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...Mets autographed cards. Erasmo Ramirez in today's mail brought me to 940. The stats:

1962 Mets: 29/45 (Anderson, Bouchee, Cannizzaro, Cisco, Craig, Daviault, DeMerit, Drake, Foss, Ginsberg, Herrscher, Hickman, Hillman, Hook, Hunter, Jackson, Kranepool, Labine, Landrith, MacKenzie, Marshall, Bob (righty) Miller, Pignatano, B.G. Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Throneberry, Woodling, Zimmer)
1969 Mets: 31/35 (all but Frisella, Hudson, Koonce, and McAndrew)
1986 Mets: 35/36 (all but Randall K, who is notoriously grouchy about signing, apparently)
Longest Alphabetical Run: 37 (Alex Torres to Jose Vizcaino, but adding Wacha will complete the run all the way to Gene Walter)
Largest Alphabetical Gap: 3 (several places)
Longest Chronological Debut Run: 52 - Alay Soler (5/24/06) to Tony Armas (7/3/08)
Ernandezes: 7/9 (missing Chico F and Manny H)
I's: 3/4 (missing Igarashi)
Joneses: 6/8 (missing Sherman and lefty Bobby)
Macs & Mcs: 17/20 (missing McAndrew, McDaniel, and McGowan)
Bob Johnsons: 3/3 (counting Rob)
Bob Millers: 1/2 (missing Bob L, the righty)

Total Number of Missing Players: 171