Gettysburg Volunteer Weekend 2016


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Ahhh..yes, it is that time of the year again where I get together with 300 or so of my closest friends and volunteer on the Gettysburg Battlefield doing historic building and rehabilitation of the fences. This is the 9th year I have volunteered and it gets better every year. This year was extra special for me, you will find out why about 4 pictures down.

This years build was at the MacLean Farm, which is just off the Mummasburg Road on what is considered a portion of the First Day of fighting. For those who have been to Gettysburg (or just want to google image MacLean Farm), The property sits just below the rail lines to the west of the Eternal Peace Monument.

We arrived in the AM to find the field shrouded in fog and bundle upon bundle of rails just waiting to be built into Virginia Worm Fence - as far as the eye could see..although we couldn't see the depth of the project right away due to the fog.

But give our crew of fencebuilders time and we can make anything look good! A finished portion of the Worm Fence.

I mentioned earlier that this was a special year for me. In 8 of the past 9 years my dad has joined me to build these fences. This year, we added the third generation of our family to the ranks of the volunteers - my son came out to help build, which is a pretty cool moment for me. Better yet, he even earned himself a nickname amonst our group - he will forever be known as 7th Rail, as it was his job to get the last rail situated on each segment of the fence, being that the fence is 7 rails high, it was an obvious choice of monikers. And through my 9 years, he is the youngest member ever of the fence building crew.

All in all, we built over a mile of fence - it is tough to see in this picture, but we created a lane with fencing on either side, made a 45 degree turn and ran a single row of fence to the end of the field. The picture was taken from the top of an observation deck to the northwest of the farm. One of the funnier things about the build was the park ranger letting us know that since we were digging on the battlefield - that if your shovel hits something and it explodes, you found unexploded ordinance - that is of historical significance...YAY!!!

Thank you for taking the time to take a look.


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great job indeed I love that place had a park ranger let me and my wife in one morning at 6 am well before the gates open because we were there on an extended honeymoon and allowed us to go atop devils den the feeling that we had up there is something I will never forget the place definitely played tricks on our minds swear we heard drums and people walking. Still try to go back for a day or two when we vacation in Baltimore on the way home that place always has something to see

David K.

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Congratulations to you and your friends on keeping history alive for the rest of us! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Best regards, David