Going to Phillies Game Questions


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I'll be in Philadelphia at the end of June and they are playing the Nationals that weekend. I want to go to the Saturday afternoon game. I've got a few questions for those of you familiar with the area / stadium:

1. Will I be ok buying tickets the day of the game at the ticket window or should I buy them now? There will possibly be 5 others with me, but not 100% sure if all are going. Preference would be to walk up and buy them.

2. What part of the stadium should we sit in? When I go to Royals games I don't mind sitting upper deck behind home plate, but not to high.

3. Any places around the stadium to visit / stay away from? The Saturday game is a 3:00pm game. Good spot for lunch before game?

4. What do we need to make sure to see when we are in the stadium?

5. Any other info / guidance is much appreciated

Thanks guys.


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I have only been to Citizens Bank once, the year it opened, so can't help you with a lot of what you are looking for, but have some thoughts.

If the game is against the Nats, it may be a bigger crowd than normal due to the proximity of the two teams. But I would guess you would be able to get walk up tickets without too much trouble, since the Phils are so bad and they haven't been selling out a whole lot lately.

I sat about 15/20 rows behind first base, great seats. But while walking around, it didn't look like a bad seat in the house, all depends on what you want to pay.

If in Philly...get a cheesesteak for lunch. Avoid Pat's/Geno's, they are the two most well known (and right across the street from each other), but they are about the worst steaks in the city. Go to Jim's Steaks @ 4th and South, the best in the city in my opinion and it is only about 15/20 minutes from the stadium. And South Street has a cool vibe to it, kind of goth/emo/hippie/yuppie/poser/retro shiek.