Great Birthday Gift and more!!!


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Well I just had my 30th birthday on August 12. Here are a few things i recieved from Girlfriend, Parents and sister. Also I got my first batch of cards back from SGC.

A-Rod 8x10 Global Auth

Brees and Bush 16x20 both with there holograms and authenticated by AAA

Program from Mickey Mantle day June 8, 1969 signed by Mantle

1954 Bowman Reese 80
1954 Bowman Campy 60

1954 Bowman Hodges 60
1952 Bowman Hodges 50

1954 Topps Robinson 60
1964 Topps Stand Up Aaron 80

1964 Topps Stand Up Clemente 60
1964 Topps Stand Up Koufax 80

1960 Topps Clemente 84

1955 Topps Robinson 80
1956 Topps Robinson 50

I was very pleased with SGC over all. There customer service had no equal. I do know now that they are tuff in grading. But im not looking to resell. They byfare have the nicest cases out there in my opinion.



David K.

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Happy belated Birthday! You struck the gold mine......Your parents and girlfriend and sister! Best regards, David


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Thanks for all the B-day wishes.
Yep I'm very happy to have the friends and family that I got.
It does help they are all collectors of other things as well.