Great Deals on football/baseball/basketball/hockey card MYSTERY BOXES!!!


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I don't collect football but came into a bunch of football in a Hobby Store buy last year. Trying to unload a ton of it at one time. Doing Mystery Boxes on eBay the last couple weeks. The baseball boxes have been selling great and have been getting great feedback. Can not seem to move the football though.
I have gone through most of the football cards and threw out the common base cards. I am left with tons of stars, RC's, parallels, serial numbered cards and a few relics and autos. Been doing well selling singles on eBay but it becomes tedious and more expensive once I use up my 150 free listings on eBay (you get 150 free listings every month if you open an eBay store).

The Mystery boxes contain at least 2 relic and/or autos. They can contain unopened packs, memorabilia, toys, oddball items and whatever I come across when going through these boxes (I don't even know what is in a lot of this stuff as I was not the person who removed the common cards).

Check out my Mystery Box auctions to get an idea of what I have:
MYSTERY BASEBALL CARD BOX Rookies Parallels Serial #, Packs Relics Autographs+++ :
MYSTERY FOOTBALL CARD BOX Rookies Parallels Serial #, Packs Relics Autographs+++ :

If interested, you can purchase through eBay or save me a couple bucks and we can work out something here. I will trade for Mets cards.

If you are a team collector, these are fantastic deals. Just LMK what team you are interested in and I will attempt to add as many as I can to the box. You can ask for any of the 4 major sports (I have not sorted my Hockey or basketball yet but this will help me not have to sort through them) or even mix and match. Just ask. My objective is to clean out my basement...please help! Thanks, Mike