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guys I started to build the 2009 triples threads base set #1350 BUT!!


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Guys I have 41 cards from the 2009 triple threads base #1350. Can't finish the set money became tight looking to sell them as one lot. There are the players on hand
1-Dan Uggla
2-Justin Morneau
3-Mike Schimdt
4-Alex Rios
5-Ryan Sandberg
6-Carlos Quentin
7-Alexei Ramirez
8-Joe Mauer
9-Bob Gibson
10-Carlos Zambrano
11-Ernie Banks
12-Jimmy Rollins
13-Jake Peavy
14-B.J Upton
15-Randy Johnson
16-Mel Ott
17-Roy Campanella
18-Pee Wee Reese
19-A.J Burnett
20-Carl Crawford
21-Vernon Wells
22-Matt Holliday
23-Roy Oswald
24-Ozzie SMith.
25-Daisuke Matsuzaka
26-Kosue Fukudome
27-Curtis Granderson
28-Validmir Guerrero
29-Edison Volquez
30-Manny Ramirez
31-Fransico Liriano
32-Alex Rodriques
33-Ryan Howard
34-Jorge Poasda
35-Scott Kazmir
36-Adam Jones
37-Geovany Soto
38-Tony Gwynn.
39-Victor Martinez
40-Russell Martin.
41 Cal Ripken Jr.

Know I completed this set it is bad ass. But I have a dozen extras also want to sell them. 2011 topps tribute base set. I have one completed set. I'm selling all these extras as one lot.
These are the players on hand.
1-Early Winn
2-Warren Spahn
3-David Ortiz
4-Jackie Robinson
5-George Sisler
6-Bill Mazeroski
7-Vernon wells
8-Goose Gossage
9-Dizzy Dean
10-Miguel Cabrera
11-Al Kaline
12-Eddie Murphy.

Inquire for price thanks.