Happy early birthday to me...


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I don't brag much but I can't help myself on this one. My birthday is about a month away and I saw this on ebay and my wife bought it for me on the spot! Super Bowl XVIII (1983 season, the year I was born) program and it is signed by Ray Guy and Tom Flores (two that I needed for my Raider collection) and it is framed beautifully! With COA of course.



Thanks for looking, Jeremy

And as an added bonus, Richard Seymour reported to the Raiders today... FINALLY!


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I remember that SB fondly. It was the last time a FB game really brought me joy. The Raiders would soon begin a wicked slide that still has not corrected itself. Although they have been to the playoffs and even a SB since, this was their last moment of true glory in my eyes! I miss the 70s as a Raider fan!

I scoped out your Raider autos. Nice start. You got some great pieces, especially that Upshaw. Most of mine are on vintage Topps cards, but I have a few certified Raiders myself as well. Baseball is my main focus, but I still pick up a Raider card here and there.


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Very nice, I got to meet Ray Guy here in Mississippi a few months ago and he was a really cool guy. He signed free photos for everyone and there wasn't even a line when we walked up to meet him. Definitely an awesome guy!