Happy New Year - 2020


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Happy New Year to all of The Bench members.

Seems like a perfect time and place to talk about your collecting goals for the year....

If I am able to knock out two more vintage sets (entirely plausible) that would make me very happy. The four that I am closest to wrapping up are 1977/1976/1975/1974, so those would be the best contenders.

I have strayed a bit from my Kirby Puckett PC, so would like to be able to focus on that at least a little bit an pick up some cards for that.

I also want to keep my son interested in the hobby - so will continue trading for players he likes - Judge/Lindor/Kluber/Kershaw/Harper.

Not necessarily a collecting goal - but we will probably head up to Boston this year so that he can see a game at Fenway.

David K.

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Happy New Year everyone! Would love to add another card or two to my never ending goal for a complete 2003 Timeless Treasures Gold set (100 players/only 10 cards of each player)...only have 78...with extras for trading!! 3 Pujols or 30% of them! Best regards, David