have low-end autos to trade

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I have a bunch of mainly low-end autographs available to trade. If any of them interest you, please email me
2014 Topps Turkey Red
40-Henry Josey 98-Robert Herron (3)
2012 Leaf Young Stars
KM2-Keshawn Martin
2002 Bowman Chrome Certified Autograph Issue
243-Sam Simmons
1995 Signature Rookies Auto-Phonex
24-David Dunn
1995 Signature Rookies Draft
13-Ruben Brown 27-Chad Eaton 45-Chris T Jones
1995 Signature Rookies International Draft
3-Antonio Armstrong 40-Jack Jackson
1995 Superior Pix
69-Ken Dilger 77-Anthony Cook 107-Jason James
1994 Superior Rookies
4-Trent Pollard 11 Brice Abrams (2) 30-Thomas Lewis 51-Kevin Mitchell 62-Eric Ravotti
1994 Signature Rookies
17-Dan Eichloff 44-Joe Panos 59-Eric Zomalt
1994 Signature Rookies Tetrad
XXXI-Allen Aldridge XLI Derrick Alston LXX-Jeff Webster XLIV-Droemus Bennerman LXVII-Gaylon Nickerson LXXIX Kendrick Warren XCVIII-Marquis Riley CIII-Ernie Young(2) XIX-Steve Shine LXXIII-Dickey Simpkins XXXIII-Greg Hill