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HOF 2017 Ballot


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Bagwell with 381 votes 86.2% of the vote;
Raines with 380 votes 86% of the vote;
Pudge with 336 votes 76% of the vote.

Hoffmann with 327 votes, 74% and Vlad with 317 and 71.7% should be locks next year, really surprised they didnt make it this year, but I would think next year should be a sure thing!

I just got off the phone with my best friend Matt, who loves to call the HOF the Hall of Above Average, and I feel like maybe that is where some of this is going, hard to imagine some past players in (Sutter, Gossage) and not Trevor Hoffman?? Pitchers have always struggled to get the HOF votes, unless they are as dominant as Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, etc.

Position players are very subjective too, I agree with the comments about Ozzie Smith. I met him in 2009, at a Q&A autograph signing, and a boy asked him how many home runs he hit in his career. He smiled and said "28. But one of them really counted!" He was a solid all around player, but it is very subjective to decide that a player who was a phenomenal defender and a very good base stealer, consistent hitter, etc. gets in over someone else.

Now, the PED conversation: do we either let everyone in, or no one in? I really think it has to be all or nothing, since the admitted users put up superhuman numbers. If those numbers, gotten in that way, are HOF worthy, then let them all in. I personally, as a lifelong baseball fan, don't acknowledge that those players got those numbers legitimately. Does Jose Canseco belong in the HOF along Babe Ruth? No. Jose didnt impact the game the way Babe did (not that there will probably ever be anyone in history as well loved or remembered in baseball terminology....Babe is a folk hero!).

PED thoughts, gents??
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Watched a lot of the MLB coverage yesterday (pre-announcement). What I found the most interesting is that esteemed writers like Gammons and Rosenthal admit that they have changed their minds regarding PED guys; this is the first year they marked yes for Bonds and Clemens. A lot of the older BBWA members have been removed from the voting bloc, with younger guys taking their place (who obviously didn't write when Barry and Roger were playing, but are familiar with their otherworldly stats). Without coming out and saying his name, I got the feeling that electing Piazza last year was a tipping point for a lot of the voters regarding PED-rumored users. Verducci from SI remained vigilant and claimed he'd never vote for a guy with those accusations, whether proven or not.

Personally, I remain torn. Barry B is the best player I ever saw (by far) and I'm somewhat sympathetic to his (dis)regard for fans; based upon what he learned from his father Bobby about trusting people. There are many guys already in the hall that are dead-set about admitting him (fortunately, they don't vote)! The character clause has to mean something......but how to apply it?