HOF Football FT

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5.00 star(s)
Have the following cards FT. Conditions vary, see pics. Looking for Topps Chrome basketball refractors.

1993 UD SP Marcus Allen

image0 (1).jpegimage2.jpeg

1996 Topps 40 Anniversary insert Emmitt Smith


1996 Pacific Oversized (3.5 X 5)
Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, Terrell Davis (base), Terrell Davis "Driving Force" insert, John Elway, Marcus Allen, Kerry Collins


Steve Young: 1997 UD Collectors Choice "Turf Champion" die-cut, 1995 Pro-Line Classic "MVP Redemption" insert,1995 UD Collectors Choice "Crash The Game" Silver redemption insert
Dan Marino: 1995 UD Collectors Choice "Crash The Game" Silver redemption insert,1993 Playoff, 1992 Action Packed
Joe Montana: 1995 Pro-Line Classic "Game Breakers" Preview insert
Troy Aikman: 1995 Score "Dream Team"
Jerry Rice: 1993 Pacific


Brett Favre (8 cards): 2007 Donruss Elite, 2004 Playoff Honors, 2007 Topps DPP, 2007 UD, 2004 Topps, 2005 SP Authentic, 2005 Topps "50th Anniversay insert, 2007 Bowman Chrome