How did you find THE BENCH???


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new trader here! A buddy of mine told me about this site, Shawn. Let's start trading!


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I heard about this site from someone I did a trade with on another site.They told me to check it out.I'm glad I did!


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I found this site looking for a card I need for my collection. When I typed the card into google the image lead me to this site.


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One of my students who also collects cards and TTM signatures came in and told me about it, and first I just used the TTM address database, but have recently gotten to really enjoy trading, so thanks for this, and thanks also for keeping it FREE!! AWESOME!!


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Heard about the Bench years ago through other forum sites, maybe even through the forums at Ebay. At one time thought it was Baseball Only, also thought it had closed down a couple of years ago.


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found it via search and another forum site figured i would give it a try after i was rebuffed from helping with teams a couple times


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I joined about a year ago, but forgot about it as I'm usually on BO and FCB. Saw a post earlier today referring to this forum so I thought I'd check it out... I'm planning on being more active now.


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I was reading an article about Scott Mortimer. He is trying to get the entire 1983 Fleer set autographed. That was one of my favorite sets as a kid. My favorite was 1979 Topps (my first year collecting). I am working on getting that set signed.

He mentioned the bench in the article and then found it from there.


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I was browsing through the internet and found the site figured I would try it. I am a member of another site and a member mentioned some other sites. This was one of them. Today is my first on here. Looks good so far.


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I went online and collected a bunch of names, then I checked them out one-by-one and compared them until I eliminated them to this site...