How did you find THE BENCH???


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A trader on the topps msg board directed me to The Bench. He said there was "less crap" here, and he was right.



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Here's the story: I was originally a member of the Topps forums for a little time and asked if there were any other good trading sites out there. I was directed here to the Bench, which I liked WAAAY better than anything else because of the organized forums and no BS from its members.


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My name is Kevin , my user name is Kidd, and I heard about the Bench from another member, nottleynative !!
I heard that this site is really great for all of my collecting needs.
I have only been trading person to person with whoever I could find to trade with, which brought me to Ulric, who in turn , shared his knowledge of this site.
I have thousands of cards, from all sports, and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone that I can in the trade field, (honest traders only).
I am sure that , although I am green, I will soon get aged here.
Thanks for accepting me!


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Found the Bench

I was surfing the web looking for some 1991 & 1992 Cracker Jacks cards that came with the product. I found a site called Pam's Cards and she was also collecting these. She told me about the bench although I have no idea what her name is on this site.

Thanks Pam, if your still out there.



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I believe i heard about the bench while on the topps forums one day, came over and joined and started trading. I know find myself trading even more and more everyday here at the bench and have narrowed my sites i trade on to just a couple instead of the 7 i used to trade on. This has to be the greatest group of traders i have ever dealt with. On some sites you kinda worry about whether you will recieve your cards from the trade but not here.
I haven't been here as long as alot of the traders here but seems like one of my first trade if not the first was with Shepherd and it truly was a pleasure to deal with him as it has been with the countless other traders i have dealt with. I look forward to many,many more trades here on the bench. Thanks to all the guys that make this such a great site to trade on and for all their hard work they put into this site.
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I found it on...

I read an article on TUFF STUFF magazine and had this as one of the top 5 sports web addresses out there. I looked at all the web sites and this one was the coolest so I signed up


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Does anybody have a link to the article in Beckett mentioning the site? I know it's been a while, just wondering....BTW, found the Bench by searching Yahoo for "Trading cards site" and found the group "Baseball cards on the bench".


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Another trader at Olde Cardboard Village left a link to this site. Thought we should try it out. We have been members of Sportscardfun for a few years now.

Collecting Pujols, Piazza and Miguel Cabrera.
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I was searching for a trading site last summer. I was still new to the internet, have only had a computer since Sept. 2003. I decided then it was time for me to enter the 21st century lol. I wanted the internet for one reason, sell on eBay. I like to buy and sell just about anything, and had wanted to get on eBay for a long time. I have since got bored with selling on eBay, and found trading baseball cards to be one of the best things I have ever done. I have always been into collecting cards, I had just never knew anything about online trading.

Anyhow, I was chatting with my cousin, and he referred me to a different trading site. I made a few trades over there, and things weren't going the smoothest, but not bad. I am a set builder, and hardly anybody at the other site is a set builder. I met Charlie (rrpb76) through the other site, and he told me to come here. I am not sure, but I think he joined the other site, just to get in contact with me. I came here, and I am so glad I did. I try every now and again on the other site to post a wantlist, but no one there seems to have what I want. Almost every time I post a wantlist, it gets filled here, and fast. This has been a terrific place to trade, and I have no intentions of seeking out another place to trade.

Thanks to Charlie for talking me into joining here, and to everyone I have had the great pleasure of trading with here over the past year or so. It's been fun, and I am looking forward to many more trades with many more great people here.

BTW, when I joined here, I didn't have any complete sets. I now have 35 complete sets, and several more that are very close.

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Glad to be on THE BENCH

I just learned about THE BENCH from the e-Topps forum. I am mostly a set builder and this forum seems to fit my needs.