How do they decide when playoff games start?


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Was wondering how they go about deciding the playoff schedule. i.e. when teams play. Seems like the first yankees/twins game should be tonight due to the twins extra game and the first boston/angles game last night night. Think I read somewhere the yankees could "opt" for either wed or thur for their first game. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

thanks, john


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For the first round they don't want to have four games in 1 day, because 2 games would go up against each other. So they alternate each year (AL/NL) the team with the best record chooses if they would rather get the extra day of rest or not.

This year it was the AL's turn and the Yankees picked the extra day of rest so they could have a fresh bullpen for the first 2 games. In doing this they #1 make Red Sox/Angels wait another day to play #2 no extra day of rest.

In the long run it makes no difference and the extra day rest could be bad in the sense that it interrupts a flow the players get into of playing everyday.