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How Many Stadiums Have You been to?


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I am hoping we are able to get back into stadiums next season. We missed out on a Fenway/Boston trip this year, would like to do it next season. I have already been there numerous times, but would be another one for my son to cross off his list.


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My full resume. I want to get to all actives at least 3 times and shooting for 50 minor leagues.
Inactive Stadiums
Old Yankee to many times to count
Shea- once
Texas- 3 times

Active Stadiums
Yankee twice
Tampa twice
Toronto twice
Baltimore 3 times
Boston 2 times
Royals to many times to count
White sox twice
Twins twice
Cleveland twice
Detriot twice
Oakland twice
Houston once
Seattle twice
Angels once
New Texas-never
Atlanta once
Mets twice
Miami 3 times
Philly once
Washington once
Cubs twice
St Louis at least 5 times
Cincy once
Pirates twice
Dodgers once
Padres once
Giants twice
Rockies 4 times
D Backs once

Minor Leagues
Jersey Cardinals
Oneonta Yanks
Cane County Cougars
Nashville Sound
Spokane Indians
Eugene Emeralds
Reno Aces
NA Naturals
Iowa Cubs
Omoaha Storm Chasers
Indy Indians
QC River Bandits
Dayton Dragons
San Jose Giants
LE Storm
Lancaster Jethawks
Dog gone you’re a traveling man and very lucky to have achieved so many numerous times 👍


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Dog gone you’re a traveling man and very lucky to have achieved so many numerous times 👍
Thanks me and my boys love it, I think my wife likes its sometime too. Obviously this year got shot to crap but now I'm going to really push for minor league stadiums and mix in a few majors.