How on earth can do people do it?

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Aug 9, 2003
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Elizabethtown, KY
I know this is somewhat of a rhetorical question but how do I finish sets I have been working on - some going on eight years? It just seems someone, somewhere would pull cards you need but as the years go by it is harder and harder to come by as it seems many people are only interested in the latest and greatest products on the market and don't even mention the older sets. I check on here, other trading sites, card shops, on-line dealers, ebay, etc but still come up short. Where did all of these cards go? Is there a black hole somewhere?

I guess the main reason I am writing this thread is to unload some frustration finding cards. I am sure many of you are dealing/have dealt with the same topic. I still truly enjoy collecting and by no means am I trying to be negative, just thought I would get some other Benchies take related to their own collection(s). Any thoughts:eek:

Dewayne.................Gotta love this hobby, or what? I've got uncompleted sets going back nearly 35 years, some even longer.................Time, money and putting things on hold contributed to my "black holes"....................Sometimes I take on challenges that I know I'll never complete..................It's not that I'm looking for the perfect card, or anything, just putting dents in it when I can...................A lifetime project I guess................Mike
I looked through your wantlist and a lot of that stuff gets buried in boxes and forgotten. With the way the hobby has evolved, it may not be worthwhile moneywise and timewise to look for any of it for a lot of collectors.
I may be able to help you out I will look when I have time.
I know what you mean. I have been working on my 1960 Topps set for about 5 years and it seems that I never find anything. I did go a show yesterday and found the last two 1972 Topps for jamesnevans 1972 set and I print up want lists from here when I go to shows to try and help people out. I did get 10 of the 1960 cards that I needed but I am really beginning to believe that this is one set that will never get completed. It always seems to be those brutal high #'s with the older sets. I will take a look at your lists and try and find some of the things you are looking for. I will be going to another show in about three weeks so I should be able to find something for you.

keep your chin up and good luck!!

Unfortunately, there really isn't much return in trying to trade base cards from years back (not vintage). Obviously, there are a few people still looking for them, but they are an extreme minority. I stopped listing them on my web site because listing them took a lot of time and didn't yield many trades.

I may also be able to dig up a few cards you need.

One way to motivate people to do some digging is to offer incentives. For example, in the past, I have offered $5 inserts for $0.10 cards I need to complete sets.

I hear you!!!! I know it only dates back 10+ years but I have been needing only 1 1998 Topps Tek O'neill pattern for a while. Pattern 81. Oh where Oh where has it been???

It's sad when a 4-year old set is considered "vintage". Everyone just gives up on older sets. Like you I am a set builder and it seems like if you don't chase down a set right when it is released then you've got a huge challenge on your hands.

I looked over your set wants and found a few for you~

2006 UD #562, 724

2005 SP Legendary Cuts

Classic Careers- MU Murcer #'d 225/399, WC Clark #'d 190/399
Glory Days- LB Brock #'d 323/399
Lasting Legends- WB Boggs #'d 204/399

2004 Donruss Career Stat Line #18 Mussina #'d 029/353
2004 Prime Cuts II #87 Mussina #'d 162/699

In trade, I'd like

2005 Artifacts #106, 111, 112, 142, 174, 183
Rainbow Blue #15 Bret Boone

Hopefully we can work out a trade.

Take Care,
Even hard to get inserts like my 2003 timeless treasures gold serial to only #10....first year 04 of collecting about 40+ on ebay....second year about 20+ on eBay.....third year......10+ and now days.....if I'm or two show up on eBay. Best regards, David
I believe I should have these from your wants:

008 Upper Deck Spectrum 9 Bedard
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum 10 Tejada
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum 17 Soriano
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum 23 Thome
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum 30 Hafner+
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum 35 Verlander
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum 48 Figgins
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum 56 Morneau
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum 61 Delgado
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum 82 Lincecum
2008 Upper Deck Spectrum 88 Rolen

2006 Upper Deck 530 Rogers

I'm always looking for Pat Burrell cards I need or I would take Jeter or Pujols cards for them. LMK :)
I have these for you:
08 Upper Deck Spectrum 10
08 Upper Deck Spectrum 61
08 Upper Deck Spectrum 75
03 Fleer Authentix 12
02 Piece Of History Hitting For The cycle H11
02 Piece Of History MVP Club M6

Please check my Freewebs for hits on my sets. Thanks
There seems to be too few setbuilders on trading sites. I generally don't want to dig through a box and find a dozen $0.30 commons if I'm not getting similar help, but sometimes it's just a player collector letting you know they have an extra base card you need and think they are helping you out. I think you'll still will get help on your Heritage sets and even the Turkey Red because the SPs at $5 to $8 a pop have value.
Too many people are interested in autograph and game used cards for base cards to be of interest to the majority. It really is too bad.
I, too, understand your pain. I've had cards on my wantlist for 9 years now. I'm missing 2 cards from 2002 Topps Tribute, just like you, although mine are Aaron and Mays.

I was excited when I saw someone mention Turkey Red, but I've got a lot of 07 Turkey Red, not 06. <.<
If you're looking for the big "names" it's not too tough. But if you collect minor stars or common players (Darin Erstad and Bucky Jacobsen) it's really tough.
Too many player collectors of "big" names. No one wants to trade single cards. Everybody just wants to trade auto and gu.
We had a guy ask for about 5x the BV of some 1989 Topps cards...We were both saying to ourselves 'He must really love those cards if he asking for that much'

I really have no problem when someone doesn't want to search their inventory for my needs. What bugs me is when people put together trade lists with base on them and don't take the time to let you search for the cards yourself. I have put countless messages up stating that I would gladly search other's sites and lists and not once has someone left me a site or list. So, I am going to do that. Please see my tradesite as I have a ton of base listed and may have some for you. Good luck with your sets.


Thanks soooo much for the replies. I had no idea this would generate so many responses. However, I got some not so good news - I am headed to Korea for three weeks...on Friday. I won't have time to pull of a trade before then but will respond to everyone when I return. Hope that is not too much of an inconvenience. I will check everyone's list that replied to see if I have anything at all that can help.

Take care,
This may sting some collectors/dealers here to hear this, but I would say a lot of it is about not being willing to or not worth someone's time/efforts to dig out cards. If one were organized and sorted cards by year, set and number, pulling cards like this would be a snap. If you're unorganized, it a bit more laborious to find random card of course.

When it comes to traders, I suspect most don't think it's worth their time or even the cost of postage to help another collector out unless they get something in return (what have you done for ME lately?). I have seen it more than once where Collector A actually tells Collector B they have something needed from a site or wantlist (The effort was made to seek this person out and tell them you have a need item), then A tells B never mind because B didn't have anything A could use. Now I am not suggesting A should trade a HOF/AU card for nothing because B needed it, but if A won't trade a 1995 DK common because B doesn't have any 1992 Gold cards they need, then DON'T TELL B YOU HAVE SOMETHING THEY NEED!!!

When it comes to sellers, the same excuse is valid. It's not worth the buck ten sale to pull a small handful of commons. Burbank Sports is a prime example of this type of dealer. They won't scan cards, answers questions or anything like that and fully expect us to buy their stuff. Some will, some won't. They have obviously made the call that they don't care about the small customer, only the large ones. I bought about a dozen cards from sportslots a few weeks back. Most orders were under $1 and I paid postage for each order, most of them being more than the order itself. That is the cost of seeking common stuff. I didn't complain and appreciate those sellers willing to list 18 cent cards! They probably don't make a ton of money, maybe not enough to justify the time, but they do it anyway and help keep the hobby pulsing and make it puts a few extra bucks in their pockets.

Now bear in mind I am talking (complaining) about "active" traders and sellers. For example, I may be able to hit some wantlist items from several people, but my cards are packed under my stairs. I just don't have room for them in the new house and only the stuff I am actively collecting is out and accessible, give or take a few oddball boxes. It would literally take HOURS to pull out cards and then, I am not organized to find specific singles other than perhaps by player. I am not looking to complete base sets, offering groups of cards, etc. I'd consider myself somewhat inactive for the time being, mainly buying what I need/want.

Well to that type of dealers/collectors, hopefully they receive the same effort and payoff in return that they put forth. May they not sell much and never finish their sets!

I have seen a fair number of people on this site offer and even send free of charge some of these "insignificant" wants to other collectors, just to help someone out. We have members giving away superstar autographs in contests, people donating cards to a charitable cause and other random acts of kindness so there are plenty of people out there who will help for the sake of helping and the spirit of collecting. They don't always have what you need, but when they do, that type of person is there to help. We just have to take the good with the bad and hope we don't run into ugly!