huge lot of cards lot of stars. selling them cheap.

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Jan 29, 2010
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Lawrenceville, Ga.
guys and gals you looking for any player lots I'll list some I have.
make offer I have an idea of what I'm asking.
Scottie Pippen.- 30 base cards 13 inserts total 43 cards
John Stockton. -17 base cards 6 inserts total 23 cards
Carl Malone.- 18 base cards 18 insert cards total 36 cards
Penny Hardaway.-22 base and draft cards 9 inserts total 31 cards.
Chris Webber.- 28 cards including draft and rookie cards.
Hakeem the dream. 19 card and 14 inserts total 33 cards.
Jamal Mashburn.- 26 cards including draft and rookie cards
Shaq.- 40 base and rookie cards 19 inserts total 59 cards
Michael Jordan.- 39 base and 11 inserts one graded nine. total 51 cards.
David Robinson.- 33 base cards 18 inserts total 51 cards. includes rookie card.
Larry Johnson.-41 base and rookie cards 32 inserts and insert set cards total 73 cards
Clyde Drexler 8 base 4 inserts total 12 cards.
Alonzo Mourning. 32 base and rookie cards 13 inserts total 45 cards
Larry Bird. -15 base and 9 inserts total 24 cards.
Charles Barkley.- 18 base 5 inserts total 23 cards.
also have a 1993 50 card McDonald's basketball set

last I have 255 basketball rookie cards. Latrell Sprewell, Jason Kid, Larry Johnson, C Webb, Joakim Noah, Rolando Blackman, Jamal Mashburn, Tayshan Prince, Robery Horry, Isaiah Rider, Al Horford, Rodney Stuckey, Nick Van Excel, JJ Redick, Lamrcus Aldridge, Marcus Camby, Brandon Davis, LaPhonso Ellis, Hubert Davis, Todd Day, Walt Williams, Vin Baker, Harol Miner, Thaddeus Young,Ben Gordon, Bobby Hurley, Shawn Bradley, Dilembe Mutumbo, Jimmy Jackson, Toni Kukoc, Tim Hardaway, Steve Smith, Gregg Anothy, so on and so on.
hoping to sell all the rookie as one lot. make offers please add 10 bucks for shipping.

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Make offers guy I'm flexible.
for instance looking for $16 delivered on Pippen
for Stockton asking $12 delivered.
50 basketball card McDonald set loaded with superstars 22 del price.
let me hear from you guys thanks.