HUGE Trade List - Lots of Numbered, Parallels, Refratcors, Inserts, Rookies, etc.

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I've been working on this for a few weeks. At the link below is my trade list of cards.

I am looking for help to my Yankees team sets project - the checklist is still a work in progress as I am able to sort and add cards I have:

I will also trade for numbered Jeter cards or Gary Sanchez cards.

Still adding the following to the trade list:
500+ Inserts (mostly 2015-2016 Topps)
2,000+ Star Base Cards
1,000+ Rookie Cards


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Should have most of these:

2012 Topps 206 d robertson yankees
2012 topps 290 c granderson yankees
1992 bowman 231 g cadaret yankees

2001 bowman heritage reprint mini 6 berra yankees
1981 donruss 351 berra yankees
1982 donruss 387 berra yankees
1991 donruss 107 d mattingly yankees

LMK what you need.