I had no clue the mailman was a Mike Joyce fan...


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Because he stole my cards! Or at least someone along the line did. I got the envelope with the flap tucked in and the cards weren't there. I'm only guessing that Mike Joyce put them in because of the note Mr. Joyce wrote and that the envelope looks like it was ripped open. So, another example of how great the postal service is.

But, I did get the Cey custom back. No clue why the Auto is so shakey, it looks weird???

Here are the Joyce Q and A's. THe note is from another paper, but I Photoshopped it on.

I got this back yesterday, also without a card but in this case I didn't send one. You can see my post about it

Thanks for looking!


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Congrats on the successes! It looks like Ron Cey signed the card in ballpoint pen first and then went over it with sharpie, or maybe someone else wrote over it with sharpie...who knows???

Still a great success!


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I hate when stuff like that happens in the mail. My cousin sent Xmas cards with $50 gift cards to my wife and I along with 3 other people in the family... when all of us got our cards... ripped open... no gift cards. Probably some jackass going around the neighborhood opening mail.

Thanks for sharing the Q+As.... nice Cey!