I now have a Ryno too

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Aug 11, 2010
New York
Thanks to my fellow bench members, allerting us to the fact that Ryne Sandberg was signing c/o his Phoenix addy. In my mailbox today I saw an envelope with a Phoenix PO mark. Inside was 1/2 Ryne Sandberg 23, the sig is quick and as usual, slightly illegible, but I'll put this up with Duke Snider as my best free TTM success. Duke's sig alot cleaner, but this a tougher auto, so we'll call it a tie.

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Thanks guys, just a heads-up to anyone still planning and sending. He signed mine in black sharpie, luckily it was on a '91SC AS card which is a very white backround so auto stands out beautifully. I wouldnt recommend sending a card like the '90T which has a much darker backround.
I added the pic of auto, looks the same as every cert from the past several years. As I saw on someone's blog, there was a post, the evolution of the autograph. Ryno's certainally one that has gone through several changes.
I'm glad to see all of the successes after I let you guys know he was signer I'm happy he didn't make me a liar!