Im New to the site!


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Just wanted to say hello and see how this site works and what it's all about. Read a few members posts about how they found The Bench and seemed like people generally find it enjoyable here and hope in time I will as well. I used TCDB and if you get bored, check it out. Has my collection all listed which is over 80k deep. Looking forward to some great conversations in the future!

John Barclay


Bench Warmer
Thanks bfd13, anglinomics, and David. Does this site have a database like which allows me to create wantlists for all the other members to see? Or is the process done using Microsoft Word and uploaded here?


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Welcome John! This is the best community online, and excited to welcome another new member!

I do not know the answer to your question,though I see other members use google forms, excel, word, etc and either attach or paste into a thread. Photobucket csn be cumbersome so I think a lot of people do prefer lists!