Interesting Article on One Iconic Card for each franchise


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Ran across this article this morning:

Would love to hear your takes on your favorite team.
For me, as a Mets fan, I'm not crazy about a 1986 Topps Dwight Gooden. One alternative would be the '69 or '70 Tom Seaver-the franchise's greatest player and a card from the year of the Miracle Mets or from the year after.



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That was a fun article. I like a lot of their choices - Eddie Murray Orioles, Rickey Henderson A's and some others. I agree with you on the Mets choice not being great. This would have been a better choice:


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Absolutely not. I have to go with the 1999 Skybox Premium Clay Bellinger RC for the Yankees!

The only way that the Boggs and Mattingly RCs would be the most iconic for the Red Sox and Yankees is that they were among the first cards that were actually chased as the hobby began to pick up steam in the modern age.

Weird how the White Sox most iconic card is of a player in an Auburn uniform!

As much as I enjoyed the Mark Fidrych era for the Tigers it wa a very short time frame. The two most iconic things for the Tiger fans are Al kaline and the 1968 team that won the World Series. More than Ty Cobb or the 1984 team. So for being truely iconic it would have to be an Al Kaline card (the 1965 Topps comes to mind) or the 1969 Topps "Tigers celebrate their victroy" #169.

So Vlad Jr has already surpassed his HOF father? Who knew? Gosh a .270 lifetime batting average, 25 career HRs and 104 RBI at age 22 goes a lot farther than it used to. Card collectors never fail to amaze me.

And the novelty Bo Jackson Score card over the Brett RC for the Royals? To quote Joe Biden "COME ON MAN!".

Same for the novelty Kurt Bevcaqua card for the Brewers over the Yount RC? Ask the late Tommy LaSorda wht te thinks of Bevcaqua. COME ON MAN!

Ooops! I just realized that Vald Jr and Vlad Sr were on different teams. My greater point about collectors considering Vlad Jr cards to be more desireable than Vlad Sr's still stands however. It also does not say much for the Blue Jays as a franchise if a Vlad Jr. is the most iconic card for that team! How about a 1997 Bowman Roy Halladay RC since he is an actual home grown Jay as well as an actual Hall of Famer?
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