IP Baseball Graphing; Anyone do these cities?


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So I'm currently planning a trip for next summer up to the National with my friend Arron (you may know him as elmesero5 on here). As a Cleveland native, I try to go anytime it's there. I made it for a single day in 1997, and the whole week in 2001, 2004, and 2014. Missed 2007 and 2009, unfortunately.

I flew up in 2004 and 2014 (lived there for the first two), but this time since it's not just me going solo, we're driving and hitting as many baseball games as we can on the way. I'll give an outline of our schedule here. What I'd like to know is if we have any members in these cities, or at least what you can tell me about graphing these ballparks.

Friday 7/27: Tennessee @ Birmingham (if this is an early game, we will likely have to do Biloxi @ Jackson instead, and I hear Jackson is BAD for graphing)
Saturday 7/28: Rome @ Lexington
Sunday 7/29: Asheville @ West Virginia (if this is a night game, we'll do Lansing @ Dayton instead)
Monday 7/30: Indianapolis @ Columbus
Tuesday 7/31: Great Lakes @ Lake County and Louisville @ Toledo
Wednesday 8/1: National begins!
Thursday 8/2: National, then Bowie @ Akron
Friday 8/3: National, then Bowling Green @ Lake County
Saturday 8/4: National, then Angels @ Indians
Sunday 8/5: Lansing @ Fort Wayne (if the VIP signers at the National aren't ones we need; if they're good, probably no game and spend the afternoon/evening driving)
Monday 8/6: Beloit @ Cedar Rapids and Las Vegas @ Iowa
Tuesday 8/7: Las Vegas @ Iowa, possibly a KC T-Bones or Wichita Wingnuts game depending on their schedules

Anyone do these parks regularly? Or at all? Would love to have a scouting report on graphing them.