Is this true for anyone else?


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I check The Bench every day for potential trades, contests, and idle chat. All this is great and is a part of the reason why we are the best card trading community out there. However, I had an epiphany about twenty minutes ago - I spend more time (actually a lot more like around 5-10 times as much) logged on to The Bench than I do sorting through cards, organizing cards or just flipping through my thousands of pages of cards to admire them.
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Other than new acquisitions (unpacking, replacing sleeves, toploaders, etc and then filing them away, I rarely touch/look at much of my stuff these days. I have a long way to be 100% organized, but I find myself making excuses not to do it. There is always something better to do, including mindless internet surfing! It's not that I don't want to eventually, it's just so much to do and I tend to procrastinate, therefore I am online with here and ebay way more than I am actually spending time with the collection itself.

Sometimes though, I will just randomly pull out a box or binder and just look through it and remind myself what is in there.


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I too spend more time on the 'puter than I should (just ask my wife, she'll tell ya!). But - I'm an old codger and baseball cards help me keep my wits about myself - I can't go out and run marathons any longer (not that I ever did), winter has set in (20 inches of white stuff outside my window), I have a big stack of monster boxes that are taking up space (again, ask my wife about the space problem).

I just joined The Bench this month and so far, am really enjoying it. I am not new to trading as I've been a member of Trading Bases for a couple of years and have had several successful trades with the folks over there. I look forward to spending as much time on here as my wife will allow me to!!


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I spend more time with my cards than I do on here. Although I do try to get on as often as I can. The cards themselves are a big part of my collecting experience but the good people you can talk with and make trades with are important too.