Its been awhile.


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Hello everyone,

I haven been around since 2008, Lost a job, lost a few other things, had to sell my entire collection off and since then fell to another job loss and
am trying to get back to collecting but its a very hard time to do so.
I lost a job with a tile company that slowed down and havent found anything yet as far as work. I hate being on the Unemployment side
of things as it ruins plans and life in general.

Maybe soon something will look up, I took some of my tax dollars and
bought a few boxes that Im going to break when they arrive, I did some trades on here but, might have been in talks for certain cards
and dropped off the face of the planet, If I wasted someones time,
Im sorry about that.

Someone sent me some Maddux cards for a rack pack or packs and
Something terrible happened and I didnt make the trade like I was
suppose to, I want to fix this but, have to work around tight times.

My entire collection is gone My Maddux's, Mantles and many more.
Probably wont do any trading until I find employment and can afford
shipping an item. I took a few of my tax dollars and bought a box of cards
I'm going to post my box break at the least and speak to others on here and I know I someone something, I just dont know what exactly, If I owe you
something let me know and I'll try my best to fix the problem, I
been going through some hell for the past year and a half and
things are up and down, I try not to misuse or cheat anyone and want
to let you know that If I owe you something we will get it right, just
bare with me. I'd Like to apologize aswell for taking up everyones time
on items that talks were going on for but trades werent created on.
I didnt intend to do anyone wrong like that, Just got another computer
and things up and running again and looking to slowly but surely gain
your trust to trade with me when I become reemployed and look to
start all over in building my maddux collection, I did have 800 plus different
and over 2000 maddux cards at one time which many good trades on the bench created the collection. I thought things were going great and the
worst thing happened and that was a termination that was unexpected
and they buried me under the bus. took an entire 6 months to find a new job and it was less than part time and work ran thin to 3 hours a week and
I was eventually released from that employment which was with a tile
company. Times are real tough with new constructions so I knew it was
going to happen, Just didnt know when, Now Im unemployed again searching for a job and just wanted to shoot in while I had a moment to explain myself
and use this box break to fix any issues with the person who mailed me Maddux cards and didnt receive there rack pack.

If I messed up on my end, you let me know, Good to come here and finally
get all that out and get it starting in the right direction, need comradere
and missed the site and everyone.





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I got a Job! Thanks again for the supportive words and thoughts.
Will be trading and buying soon enough again and rebuilding my Maddux Collection that was sold.

David K.

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I got a Job! Thanks again for the supportive words and thoughts.
Will be trading and buying soon enough again and rebuilding my Maddux Collection that was sold.

Glad to hear the good news. I would try to build a reserve fund. At least three or four pay checks. I been doing this for the last 25 years and you never know what might come up. Not saying don't rebuild your collection...just take it slow and get the things you like! Best regards, David


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Ron, best of luck in the new job. Hope all works out for you.

Are you going to collect Maddux again? Looked thru my Maddux cards for trade and have several dups. PM your addy and I'll send ya a few to get you started