June 2020 - Top Traders of The Month


5.00 star(s)
I'd like to say congratulations to June's top traders of the month. Coming in 1st overall, with 37 total trades was

David K.

Congrats! You, sir, are a trading machine!

I'd also like to say congrats to everyone else who made the top 10 (actually 11).

2nd: gestes72 - 27
3rd: grapler135s 26
4th: 3greyhounds 25
5th: chieftazmisty 24
6th: mm1sub 22
7th: dragonslayer913 20
8th: Scobes 19
T-9th: Benski3 15
T-9th: Chavezforprez 15
T-9th: tennisjunky 15

Thank you all for your trades on The Bench!