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i'll apologize up front for this post , but i'm angry and just need to vent to someone somewhere....

assome of you may know i just had a lengthy stay in the hospital and rehab facility...i was in the local hospital from january 14th through february 1st and then was in the nursing home an hour and half away from here from february 1st through march 17th...63 total days...

i only had one person willing to help take care of my pets while i was away...he had also done this when i was in the hospital 2 years ago...i learned the hard way back then he was not very trustworthy as quite a few cards were taken while i was away even for just a short time...as much as i was concerned about this happening aain , ihad no other alternative ifi wanted my cats to be taken care of...

for 4 weeks he kept checking in with me and assuring me everything was alright and that my cats were doing fine...on week 5 he called and infomred me 2 of the cats were very sick and that he had taken them to his house to tend to them...the following week he called back to tell me 4 of my 5 cats had died and he had buried them already...i was utterly devastated...these were all cats that had literally been born right beside me and that most nights slept on or even under the cover with me...they were my babies - my only remaining "family" to be honest...

next he called totell me he had cleaned the living room and kitchen - using a shovel - and that he had thrown away damaged cards plus clothing and most of my bedding...i sleep on the living room floor on a pallet made up a moving blanket for padding and a couple sheets with a comforter and blanket for cover...he told me the new comforter and blankets were dirty and the cats had thrown up on them so they had to be tossed...personally i would have preferred to take them to the laundry mat and wash them...

to make matters worse , for 7 weeks of "taking care of" my place , not once did he check the mail...my carrier ended up taking everything back and declaring my house vacant...had to jump through hoops to get delivery started again...it was bad enough that a 7-week pile of mail pretty much told everyone the place was empty for now so quite possibly making it a target for theft , but in the meantime , since he never checked the mail , my snap recertification letter came and was ignored...as such i just lost my monthly benefits and have had to reapply from scratch - after going at least a month without my much-needed funds...my blood was beginning to boil by this time

so by now i am thoroughly distraught over the cats and angry he had the gall to throw away stuff without my consent...fast forward to wednesday when i finally got home...i noticed a few items (cards) missing right away...before getting sick i had been creating a nice little pile of stuff to sell...immediately i discovered an entire metlal storage bin was missing ...it included multiple travis kelce prism rookies , several stacks of assorted prizm basketball rookies , and a bunch of pure randomness...i also couldn't find a nice 2-row box i refered to as my "new stash box"...i had just assembled it last february and had been updating the values in my spreadsheets on a monthly basis...it was primarily rookie and second-year cards of some rookies i liked...there were justover 800 cards including nice stashes of players like alonso , betts , robert , tatis , guerrero , franco , buehler , lindor , kershaw , acuna , just to name a few...sure there were plenty of cards in the 1.00 range , but there were also plenty in the 15 to 80 range too...i then went into one of the two bedrooms that are used exclusively for storage...first thing i noticed was that the top shelf on one of my shelving units had collapsed and everything from the top shelf was not crushing the items on the shelf below....i moved everything aside only to discover that the entire top shelf had literally been removed and its contents left there - except the small stack of nice cards i'd pulled to sell and left sitting on that shelf...so now i'm heating up even more....

i fell asleep last night around 8 but woke up in the middle of the night and when i couldnt get back to sleep i started looking through more my cards...i was still trying to find the stash box so started digging through every wo-row box i could find...first up was one labeld 2017 donruss football master set...the main set was complete with nearly 1/3 of the red , blue , and bronze press proofs plus over 40 rookie relics , a couple autos , and many other numbered inserts and parallels...i now have a set missing every key rookie (that includes the mahomes with a bv of $500) , plus every relic or auto in a top loader was gone as well many of the numbered cards...that box had been packed tightly on both rows and now there was over half a row missing...

the next discovery was back in the living room...more two-row boxes inside a closed cabinet..on top was one that contained my base sets of 2017 and 2018 topps chrome along with all my autos , refractors , and inserts...the base sets were both short a few cards and the paralles included lots of stars...i opened the box to find exactly zero base cards , no autos , no inserts , and about half my refractors...again this was a box with both rows packed tightly...now there is a total of half a row left in this one...

then came a box i was putting together that featured nothing but big stars...another box that was poacked on both rows...now there is a half row gone...the missing players ? brady , mahomes , kobe , lebron , and trout...somewhere between 300 and 500 cards gone...then came a plastic storage bin that had another 300-400 cards in it...these were primarily jordan , kobe , lebron , wade , carmelo , curry , giannis , garnett , tatum , pippen , rodman , iverson , and duncan...this bax was stuff i'd pulled last year but had decided NOT to sell so had stored them in this container until i could get them back in their rightful places...now i find less than 20 cards left in the box and none of those were cards that booked more than $10 as of 2 weeks ago...all those kobes , jordans , and lebron that had exploded now gone...

i kept looking throughout the house and found more of the same everywhere i looked...box after box that had been neatly organized with all cards in numerical order or grouped by player were now in disarray...cards shoved in the box upside down , backwards , in the wrong row or player section...never could find the stash box despite checking every 2-row box in site...since much of what i found missing was in stuff stored well out of the way i know he made quite a effort ...as such i have lots more digging to do to see exactly how far back in the rooms he went (both bedrooms are used just for card storage and are literally floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall) but from just the early returns i can say it looks like he made off with close to 50k in bv with a big mix of PC and stuff i really NEEDED to move to raise money asap...despite having much of this stuff inventoried and cataloged , i know there's really nothing i can do to get it back...he doesnt sell online so even if i provided details of what went missing , even the serially numbered items , the odds of anyone ever seeing any of it again is slim...

well , i apologize aain for the long rant , but i just needed to get it out...and just in case anyone out there is curious - or may happen to deal with this guy - his name is frank farr from little mountain , sc...he's 75 years old , travels between here and tennessee dealing with cards and is now officially on my s#!t list...
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I would be fuming if that happened to me. I would report this to the police. Frank might have a history. They might be able to find some stuff in pawn shops, etc. With that kind of collection I hope you have insurance. You may have been better off if the house burned down. I am sorry that this happened to you. Dave


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Wow, I’m really angry about this situation. And yes, you should report what happened to the police. I’m sorry about the cats too.


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Hope you are feeling better after coming back home. That is a tough situation. Hope the local authorities can recover some of what was taken. It is a shame someone would do this sort of thing.


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I'm really sorry to hear about this whole situation. I 100% understand your feelings about losing your cats in such a manner. Do you think he may have starved them to death? Weird how 4 of them suddenly got sick and passed away like that unless they were poisoned wither accidentally or intentionally.


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I am at a loss for words other than to say that really sucks about the cats and the cards and agree you should file a police report.


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I knew you were in the hospital, but wow.... I'm really sorry you got taken advantage of. That's horrible Claude.

I did just mail your cards out today, so hopefully you get them and enjoy them.

I wish you the best moving forward. I hope what comes around goes around for him.