Just venting!!!


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Neither of these 2 incidents were on this site.

I have been collecting for 30 years and have had thousands of transactions all over the internet. No one is perfect as we all have different styles of how we buy/sell/trade cards, but lying should never be one of your styles as it will catch up to you sooner or later. I dont want to get into specifics, but why do people try to lie about something when there is a time stamp on each post?

As stated above. No one is perfect as we all have different styles of how we buy/sell/trade cards, but why waste someones time and effort if you have no intentions of trading any of the cards the other person wants. If the other person clearly states what he wants and places the value of the cards from the first PM dont wait until you are about to post the deal to say "I want your cards, but dont want to give up what you want and also the value you place is too high". If you do not like what you see people should say something in the beginning and not the end.

I honestly think that when PM's are sent they can only be done if the previous PM is automatically quoted and nothing can be altered or deleted. I have seen this way too many times in my years where people have memory lost about what was said or agreed upon.

End of rant. I got it out and now I am over it.


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Unfortunately, that is why my PM box is always full, LOL. I keep each PM until a deal is completed. That way if there is a problem, I have everything back and forth. Never had to worry about it until just recently, and then I was glad I did. Even then, the other party swore up and down that they told me something, but low and behold, nothing in black and white. I had every PM, and they couldn't show anything to say otherwise.

I wish they would raise my PM limit, LOL.