Kids and Cards....


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Yesterday, the cable man came by to set us up. And whoa and behold it was a old friend who I played softball with for 3-4 years. During that time we had what looked to be the nucleus of a very promising team and one of the best OF's in the area. We was the most talented, but we played the game right and always backed each other up. Greatest play I made a sliding catch and knew the running on 3rd was going to tag up. The cable man was charging hard with me on the ball, as soon as the ball hit my glove I flipped it straight up and he bared hand it and gun the base runner down at home.

Anyways,(its hard to recall those days without mentioning the good days)we caught up after not seeing each other in years. He said he plays SS on a co ed league now and during our talks he said his son loves Brandon Phillips. Told me his boy asks him all the time why cant he play like Phillips. I asked him if he collected and he said a little but not really. So I dug out my Reds box and pulled out a stack of Phillips cards and told him to give them to him. Later that night he called, the kid wanted to thank me. And we talked Reds baseball for almost a hour. It was very cool and I just might of set the table for another collector in the hobby. Its also a blast talking to a 10 year old who you can sense has a passion for the great game of baseball.