Large logo variations in 2022 Topps

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Oct 19, 2003
Canton, Ohio
OK so apparently the 2022 Topps factory sets have a large rc logo variation. This affects all first series rookie cards. I compared a regular series 1 Franco to a factory set Franco and the difference was obvious. Beckett has listed them (unpriced for now).
I noticed something similar with 2022 Topps Chrome, but both versions are from hobby boxes. The Topps Codes on the back are different, though.

I am sure there is an explanation but I can't find any differentiation or callouts in checklists or listings. Looking through online listings, the large logo versions seem to be much less common. From this, my guess is that those came from a later printing when everyone was too fed up with Topps Chrome to purchase more!

I haven't looked at the entire set yet, but noticed I have two versions of 49 (pictured), 32 Hoy Park, and 39 Connor Wong, 62 (Eli Morgan)....looks to be quite a few of them!

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Interesting, I haven’t noticed that before. They probably won’t answer you but you might email Beckett and ask them about it.
I think I solved this riddle. There is a version of 2022 Topps Chrome known as Topps Chrome Sonic. The regular issue TC cards have the TC logo on the left and the Sonic version has the TC logo on the right.