Longest and Shortest Wait for TTM Auto?

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Well, I've only had 18 TTM Successes myself. A few are out there from August but as for shortest and longest waits on returns, here's how it goes.

Shortest... Pat Neshek (5 days) 12/10/08-12/15/08 from Brroklyn Park, MN
Longest... Drew Brees (43 days) 12/5/08-1/17/09 from Metairie, LA

All other returns have been within 30 days of sending.
im still waiting on a bunch but the longest one with a success was steve garvey 6 months, shortest was bobby doerr 5 days
My very first TTM was also the shortiest...Sparky Anderson 3 Days
Longest was Eddie Milner 836 days

But for now on I won't be able to know which is the shortest or the longest as I don't keep track anymore
Shortest wait - Ron Cey - 6 days
Longest wait - Rick Dempsey - over 6 years (these were before forever stamps, made it back even with the short postage)
I have been doing ttms since August so my shortest is a tie between Bobby Doerr and Tom Kelly at 6 days. My longest has been Reggie Miller with a 25 day wait....
Oddest I would say was Terry Pendelton. I sent him an 87 Topps 3 years straight for Spring Training. Never got anything back until middle of this past year. Odd thing is that I got all 3 of my 1987 Topps signed send back to me in one of my SASE's. So Terry must have hauled his mail around for 3 years and finally sat down and signed some stuff this past season. Interesting to say the least. I would have been happy to simply get 1 back, the 3 made me ecstatic.
Quickest was Matt LaPorta. 4 days from mailbox to mailbox.

Longest was Milan Hejduk. Sent before 2006 Winter Olympics and returned in March of 2009 or something like that. That envelope was fun to open! :)
I'm guessing on the normal day when the mail comes, a former player maybe busy or on vacation and their mail dosent get signed immediately. So the mail starts to pile up. On the day when they have nothing to day or pile of mail too high, they spend an hour or two signing. Thats why if you watch the TTM threads or successes on SCN some players autos come back in bunches.