Looking for info on 2011 Score FB autograph


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Can anyone offer any insight on this card? Is it an SP? I occasionally do a search and have found nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

2011 Score Mikel Leshoure HOT ROOKIES autograph #21

The card is available for trade/sell.


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Just observations here:

Given score's massive amounts of parallels, it's not surprising that Beckett can't handle the pricing on stuff. A lot of stuff that is short printed isn't acknowledged, or never comes to light. The fact Leshoure has become a busy and washed out, the market probably isn't very large for the card. Had it been AJ Green, Julio Jones, Cam Newton, you would have a definite market for it.

There are 30 cards in the auto set, so you might study some of the other cards' markets and see what they are doing and how plentiful they are. Odds are, you won't find a ton of movement on them being 4 years old except for the major stars in that class.