Looking for Quantity of 2022 Topps Base at a Reasonable Price or Trade/Buy

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Rich, I have these:
17-36-220-223-244-244-266-276-286-313-317-320-473-473-473-492-506X6 Ypez RC-578. How about $10 paypal dlvd? The Beckett I have shows the Ypez at $4. LMK, Aaron
Aaron - I would be in at around 7-7.50 honestly....but hoping for bigger lots. Beckett has Yepez @ 1.25
Understand the RC's and Ohtani but someone must have some of those other commons out there!
not much but I have a 56 285 and 517
Looking for any set needs below... just added bowman platinum and stadium club chrome recently
How about a 22Update 87TBU-9 Mountcastle for them PWE?
Rich, not sure if you're interested but I pulled a '22 Topps Stadium Club Chrome X-Fractor of Aaron Hicks... To beef up the deal a bit would you include the Orange (/299): US320 Trevino - Rangers from '21 topps update?
I counted 56 cards. Give or take a few. I will ship the lot to you for $5.25 Paypal. Thanks.


2022 Topps
165 Gurriel/Brantly/Guerrero Jr. LL
320 Guerrero Jr. / Tatis Jr.
US300 Albert Pujols