Looking for Vlad Jr., Soto, Acuna, Trout, Tatis, Yelich Plus RCs & Prospects


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Thanks for the post! Definitely interested in the Pink Acuna and the Vlad SP (is it the red hat one?) Possibly the other Vlad and the Tatis RC if I can find enough for you.

Please let me know if you can use anything here. I added a lot more since our last trade. https://thebenchtrading.com/threads...r-trade-autos-numbered-parallels-pics.472672/

And/or please let me know what else I can look for for you.

Nothing in there for me, I am not a big Bowman Chrome guy, I just traded for the Noah Song because of his Naval Academy time.

Things I collect:

- vintage Topps (pre 1980)
- 2020 Allen & Ginter Chrome
- Mike Trout
- Joe Mauer

after that, I would be into stuff to for the trade box (rookies, star numbered cards, parallels)